Is it safe to visit Dubai?

The strong adherence of Dubai to its religious traditions is a common cause of concern among tourists – not surprising considering that the local law follows many of the popular beliefs as well. However, being safe in this city is only a matter of respecting a few simple habits. The place would simply not be such a popular destination among foreigners otherwise – once you understand the basics, you can leave all the worries behind and experience the beautiful attractions that this luxurious city has to offer. Before giving a few tips for your safety, let’s address a common question seen among newcomers.

is-it-safe-to-visit-dubaiI just landed in Dubai, and I do not know the city at all. What is the best way of reaching my accommodation place in these conditions?

The best choice for situations like this will always be Dubai airport transfers. These services provide you with an excellent solution for your first trip within the city: comfort and speed are the most important selling points, while the affordable prices ensure that any type of budget can benefit from this option.

While public transportation is a solid choice after you are already set to explore the city, we find it to be quite impractical after just landing in a place you don’t know. Having to find the right routes in an unfamiliar place can cause quite a lot of stress, particularly when you are tired and have to carry all your luggage. Avoiding this approach will leave you more time and energy for the pleasant parts of traveling. With that being said, here are a few practices that will keep you safe while visiting Dubai:

How torespect the local culture and avoid legal problems

Regardless of your personal beliefs, it is important that you pay any culture that you experience the respect it deserves – this holds true especially for places such as Dubai, where there is a great importance placed on traditions and religion. Much like you want tourists in your own country to follow the same rules as everyone, it is not difficult to understand why you should do the same when traveling.

Contrary to what you may believe, dress codes such as robes and headscarves are not mandatory even among locals – regular clothing is accepted, provided that you don’t show too much skin. Thisgoes for tourists as well.

Drinking alcohol is only allowed in restaurants and clubs found inside hotels and resorts, while holidays such as Ramadan prohibit eating, drinking and smoking during daylight hours. Public displays of affection are also seen as disrespectful and can cause you legal trouble. Other prohibited actions are sex outside marriage and photographing women without permission. Needless to say, recreational drugs are a big no and can lead to severe punishment. As a result, the crime rate is extremely low in the city, making the destination extremely safe provided that you follow the rules yourself. You can also meet plenty of foreigners here, so finding some common ground with others may be easier than expected.

A little research before traveling can go a long way in ensuring your safety, letting you experience the undeniable beauty that the city has to offer.